I didn’t choose the Gluten-Free Life. The Gluten-Free Life chose me.

I spent years of my life feeling sick after every meal, suffering from inexplicable muscle spasms, and fought to feel awake unable to claw my way out of brain fogs. The discomfort, pain, and fatigue were unbearable.

I saw many doctors over several years. Blood tests, a colonoscopy, endoscopy, and countless appointments got me nowhere. My doctors recommended vitamins, prescribed mild medications for digestion, and recommended I eat more vegetables. Gee Doc, I wish I would have thought of that, thanks.

Frustrated, I began some online research. I know Doctor Google isn’t a real doctor but it’s all I had left to turn to. I spent days reading the experiences of people who suffered severe digestion issues as I had. This is where I found the solution. It started with an elimination diet.

Over the next six weeks, I eliminated sugar, dairy, and gluten.

My body felt amazing. My thinking became more clear. I stopped waking up in the middle of the night with unbearable muscle pain. Most noticeably, I didn’t feel sick after every meal.

I felt better. The physical and emotional relief I felt was immeasurable. After years of looking for solutions, I had finally found one.

One problem. I missed eating my favorite foods. A sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free diet was no easy thing to maintain. I missed eating treats in the teachers’ lounge and picking whatever I wanted off of a menu.

After 6 weeks, I began reintroducing sugar, then dairy back into my diet. While I felt different, I was still okay. Then came time for the gluten.

The results were clear from the get-go. I immediately felt sick to my stomach and desperate to escape from my body. I was heartbroken. I didn’t want a gluten-free diet.

I was left with a choice. Eat gluten and be sick, or stop eating my favorite foods and feel better. I had to choose momentary happiness over quality of life.

Clearly, the gluten free-life chose me.

I replaced old favorites such as pasta, mac & cheese, and bread with new gluten-free alternatives. I grew to like them and enjoyed my meals again. It became easier and easier as time went on. Sometimes, a small sacrifice can be life-changing.



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